Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hustings for Middlesbrough By-election 2012

photo from Redcar 2010 hustings

Friends of the Earth are to hold a public hustings at Saint Barnabas church,  Monday 26th Nov 7-8.30pm. Co-ordinator Rob Tucker said "This is democracy at work, voters should be able to speak, meet and question the candidates. We learnt a lot from hosting them in 2010 and were amazed at the turn-out.  Saint Barnabas church can seat over 300 people and we hope to fill the hall".

Friends of the Earth successfully held Hustings for the 2010 elections in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Darlington and gave voters their only chance to see the candidates side by side and put their own questions to the panel. At the Middlesbrough hustings over 130 people attended and in Redcar the room overflowed with people standing in doorways and isles.

Tree Planting

We have over 400 small trees to plant this November from the Woodland trust and are looking to plant them at local schools and other areas.  They are particularly suitable for wildlife.  This photo is  from our planting at Ormesby Hall.  If you want to get involved get in contact.

Bee Friendly - WIldflower meadows project

Our Bee Friendly campaign has resulted in a partnership with Coast & Country housing and it looks promising that we might have a £3-4000 project with a number of large and small wildflower meadow areas in the Spencerbeck region of Middlesbrough to improve forage for bees, butterflies, birds and wildlife.  We hope to include the local primary school.

Energising Britian - offshore renewable event

Held at Teesside university on October 19th this prestigious event hosted by Friends of the Earth, drew together about 30 people from business, politics and the environmental sectors to look at the job, contract and export benefits of the Dogger bank and Hornsea large offshore windfarms. Four grid connections will be coming onshore into Teesside April 2017 and £170 Bn will be invested nationally by 2020. 

Left to right. Simon Bowens (FoE), Stephen Pugh (TV unlimited), Gareth Lewis (Forewind), Jane Thomas (FoE), Ian Wright (MP), Kevin Rowan (TUC)