Friday, 14 December 2012

Hustings & Middlesbrough By-election 2012

The lively proceedings at the Friends of the Earth 2012 Middlesbrough Hustings went well, with members of the audience asking over 20 questions on topics ranging from education and services to employment and the environment. Six of the eight MP candidates were invited (left to right);  Imadad Hussain - The Peace Party, Mark Heslehurst - Independent, John Malcolm - Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, (Simon Bowens chairperson), Ben Houchen - Conservative, Andy McDonald - Labour and George Selmer - Liberal Democrats. 


Despite the terrible weather over 100 people made their way to the Hustings; the Environmental agency asked people not to make non essential journeys and I know that a number of "floating" voters, especially the elderly, decided they could not venture out. Our Friends of the Earth team came by bike, train, bus and car share (might be a film title in there somewhere!) We all encountered flooding. 

There were some excellent speakers and a chance to compare candidates side by side.