Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Energy (efficiency) Bill meeting went well

The Energy Bill addresses energy efficiency and rented properties which are often very cold and have little insulation. Tony Bosworth from Friends of the Earth, came all the way up from Bradford and we had Ian Swales MP, Michael Wright from Quakers chairing and Mark Fishpool from Middlesbrough Environment City. The speakers complimented each other well with Ian saying what is on the table now, Tony saying what FoE would like and Mark giving practical advice as to what the situation on the ground is and how east it is or not to up-grade existing teesside terraced housing and more modern "council" housing stock . We had a good mixture of people in the audience, including some councillors. We did manage to get something into the papers beforehand (see below). Newcastle, Sheffield and other groups also held events at the same time.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Get Your Hands Dirty Stockton Free Event

Get Your Hands Dirty
Stockton Community Allotment,
Preston Lane,
Stockton on Tees
Wednesday 6 July, 9.30 am to 3.30pm
FREE event - PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL FREE lunch provided PRACTICAL'HANDS-ON' event .... workshops on bee-keeping, medicinal plants, low impact living, late summer sowing ... Find out more about organisations able to help you 'tread more lightly'...Meet new people from your area. See attachments for how to book and for more details. All at introductory level - suitable for people who may not have been to similar events previously. This is a partnership between Stockton Community Allotment, the Co-operative Membership, the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens. and the British Bee-Keepers Association. Please call/email if you would like any further information. Many thanks Lynn TaylorFCFCG
0796 016 4448lynn@farmgarden.org.uk

Monday, 23 May 2011

Hughs Fish fighters win a BAFTA!!

The fight to stop fish discards from fishing boats and just get a grip on what is happening to fisheries around the world, was recognised as the TV programme Hugh's Fish Fight gets a BAFTA!!

And the @BAFTA for Best Feature goes to... Hugh's Fish Fight! Hurrah! http://bit.ly/iHdZG0

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Big Energy Bill debate - Fri 27th May

The Big Energy Bill Debate
Can we pay the price or will we have to choose if we eat or heat?
The new "green deal" for energy efficiency, does it go far enough?
Focusing on the Governments new Energy and Localism bills.

Friday 27th May 7.30pm
Normanby Methodist Church, corner of Cleveland and Patton St, Normanby, Mbro. TS6
Ian Swales - MP Redcar
Tony Bosworth - Snr Climate Change Campaigner
Mark Fishpool - Director MEC
TBA scientist, theologian
Networking, stalls and refreshments. Free event, please use nearby car park, bicycle parking inside!
Tel 01642-294580 for more info.

WindFarm Wars TV programme

This TV series shown on BBC2 Fridays, looks at several windfarm applications from conception to council planning meetings to appeals. It is very unusual to let TV cameras into a council chamber, even still cameras are banned.
The 1st episode, that is on BBC Iplayer for 14th May, is a project in Devon, I think 4-6 miles from a national park. Devon is notorious for being anti-wind NIMBY country unlike its neighbour Cornwall which also has tourism and stunning scenery. The councils planning officers recommended that the project be rejected as did the councillors - and I AGREE in this case. In both the Seamer/Hilton and Lambs Hill projects that we backed there were existing pylons, roads or railway lines close by and this meant it was not a pristine landscape. We all use electricity, we all generate CO2 that causes climate change a pressing, urgent problem. We need to strike a balance.
The whole onshore windfarm process needs to be speeded up but how to do it so that it is fair?
I look forward to the next episodes.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Diary of events March-June

Diary of events March 2011
Lots happening this month!!

- Mbro Start of Fairtrade fortnight mon 28th Feb - 11th march
- Stockton Wed 2nd 1.30pm Lambs Hill Windfarm planning committee meeting, Stockton central library
- Stockton Wed 2nd March 10-4pm "Sustainability into the College" Durham Uni/Stockton campus
- York Sat 5th March "Energy, security, confilict & climate change"
- Billingham Wed 9th March 10-4pm "Sustainability into the college" Billingham Bede College 10-4pm
- Mbro Wed 9th March 10-2pm MEC Green Fair, Captain Cook Square
- Redcar Sat 19th March meeting with my Ian Swales MP
- Sat 19th March Recycling day of Action

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Australian natural disasters are Climate Change

The flash flooding, cyclone and bush fires in Australia were all or partially due to climate change
http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/floods-report-for-climate-committee/story-fn6e0s1g-1225989811299 Perhaps their governments stance on Climate change and coal in particular will shift and this might be a warning to other countries. World-wide natural weather disasters are on the increase.