Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Energy (efficiency) Bill meeting went well

The Energy Bill addresses energy efficiency and rented properties which are often very cold and have little insulation. Tony Bosworth from Friends of the Earth, came all the way up from Bradford and we had Ian Swales MP, Michael Wright from Quakers chairing and Mark Fishpool from Middlesbrough Environment City. The speakers complimented each other well with Ian saying what is on the table now, Tony saying what FoE would like and Mark giving practical advice as to what the situation on the ground is and how east it is or not to up-grade existing teesside terraced housing and more modern "council" housing stock . We had a good mixture of people in the audience, including some councillors. We did manage to get something into the papers beforehand (see below). Newcastle, Sheffield and other groups also held events at the same time.

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