Sunday, 15 May 2011

WindFarm Wars TV programme

This TV series shown on BBC2 Fridays, looks at several windfarm applications from conception to council planning meetings to appeals. It is very unusual to let TV cameras into a council chamber, even still cameras are banned.
The 1st episode, that is on BBC Iplayer for 14th May, is a project in Devon, I think 4-6 miles from a national park. Devon is notorious for being anti-wind NIMBY country unlike its neighbour Cornwall which also has tourism and stunning scenery. The councils planning officers recommended that the project be rejected as did the councillors - and I AGREE in this case. In both the Seamer/Hilton and Lambs Hill projects that we backed there were existing pylons, roads or railway lines close by and this meant it was not a pristine landscape. We all use electricity, we all generate CO2 that causes climate change a pressing, urgent problem. We need to strike a balance.
The whole onshore windfarm process needs to be speeded up but how to do it so that it is fair?
I look forward to the next episodes.

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