Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Renewable energy sites found by FoE

Tocketts Mill - caravan park

SO if you were looking to site a small scale hydro scheme or other renewables where would be a good place to look? Well the advice we were given was look for place names that have mill or wier in the title. So Tocketts mill came to mind! Dating back in places to the Domesday book the historic mill is now used at weekends by a historic society and the converted stables resturant is very popular with upto a 100 people at the weekends.
FoE came at just the right time to look at renewables because the park was upgrading its elelctricity supply and boilers and we could get them a grant that allowed a free 3-5 day survey. The site is also off the mains gas supply, they use LPG so their energy bill would be a lot higher. We will keep you posted on developements!

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