Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Middlesbrough Question Time Husting

Come and meet your local prospective Parliamentary Candidates
With all the Election hoopla and hype, apart from who will be running the country, the most important thing out of the whole event to the people of Middesbrough, is how good an MP will they have? This is a unique opportunity to put your questions to the candidates, to meet them and find out what they are like. Are they going to work hard, have a good track record, stand up for Middlesbrough? What are their stances on the environment, MP expenses, education, crime, defence . . .

The event takes place on;
Thursday 29th April, 7-8.30pm
St Barnabas Church (see photo),
1a Saint Barnabas Road
Linthorpe, Middlesbrough TS5 6JR.

The church is a wonderful venue right in the middle of Linthorpe Road at the heart of Middlesbrough. With room for 300 (see internal photo), good accoustics, audiovisual and kitchen - but we need to know numbers for catering and layout so please email with numbers if you are coming to rob'at'angelfishmedia.com
We are running the Hustings in partnership with "Churches Together" and the Rev Catey Morrison will be chairing the meeting. We have to be very organised so please be on time.


  1. I went along to see all candidates and ask a few questions of my own especialy to Michael Ferguson the BNP candidate. I seen him enter the building and thought "Good he has shown up, now i can ask him about his policies for Middlesbrough" but i was very sad to see a member of "friends of the earth" eject him out of the building and was not allowed to take part. Has democracy went out the window in this country?"

    I did see a police precence at the event so i asked an officer why the BNP candidate was evicted. his reply was that michael has not been invited to the event and therefor was asked to leave, and also went on to say that michael was very polite and left of his own will as we were in the house of the lord, even though the police said there was no right to evict him as he was invited by the vicor and it was a polictical meeting and he had every ringht to be there.

    i would of liked to ask him of his policies and it is very sad to see people being pushed out because of there believes ... is that not true facism??

  2. The BNP candidate (or his agent) did protest at the time that they had the vicars permission, but this turned out to be incorrect. We were advised on asking the police in planning that we did not have to invite the BNP. Four candidates were invited and we were aware that there was only 1 1/2 hours and did not want to get side tracked or give publicity to the BNP