Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all our supporters! The Xmas social was very convivial, and the Isaac Wilson a good venue.

Our thoughts are with some of our members who are ill or awaiting operations, get well soon.

2011 promises to be a good year but a challenging one; the new domestic thermal tariff comes into play, there are a number of biofuel power stations that have planning permission to be built on Teesside that use waste wood or managed forest and we hope they will use CHP (Combined Heat and Power) to get the most from this resource.

The UK with its ingenuity is looking at wave, tidal and offshore wind power. The north sea is a challenging environment but we have expertise from the oil, gas and fishing industries in the NE. It would be good to export tidal & wind turbines and we could build them here!

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