Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mr Blooms Nursery CBeebies TV programme

The Mr Bloom's Nursery children programme: Get Set, Grow Tour sees Mr Bloom and the Veggies take to the road with an exclusive live show. There will also be a host of fun and inspiring activities for families with children aged six and under.  Friends of the Earth are running a Bee friendly stall there Sunday 22 July, Ward Jackson Park (Hartlepool) - You can get tickets here

The activities are designed to help children learn about their living environment, how our food is grown, and the wonders of nature, by getting hands on with everything from worms to building bug hotels. There's also the chance to compete in the Veggie Games.

The Mr Bloom's Nursery The Get Set, Grow Tour will be at the locations below in July and August. Events will start at 10am and finish at 5pm. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome to take part in the activities, but to see Mr Bloom and the Veggies' live show, When Julian lost his Wiggle you will need to apply for free tickets.

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