Monday, 8 February 2010

“Fix the foodchain” and “Get serious” campaigns

Middlesbrough & Redcar Friends of the Earth have been working on two campaigns

Fix the Foodchain

Agriculture generates more CO2 emmisions than transport believe it or not! We are trying to get farms to go back to what they used to do by producing food for their animals to eat locally on the farm rather than soya feed from South America which may be from cut down rainforest. Beans and grain can be grown actually on the farm and Mbro FoE have came across a number of local farmers who still do this. We also want the government to support local farmers that do this by sourcing meat for school meals and our armed forces from them.

Get Serious campaign

We want Middlesbrough and Redcar councils to reduce their emissions by 40% by 2020. Redcar and Cleveland have signed up for the 10:10 campaign and we will be working with thiem to achieve this. Middlesbrough council are following the "One Planet living" framework and should reach the 40% target if the govt increases its renewable energy percentage.

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