Monday, 8 February 2010

Wave London March Sat 5th Dec

Four members from our FoE group travelled down to London for the big march by coach. We stayed overnight in a Premier hotel close to London had a really nice breakfast to last us through the day and then continued to the march in the morning and met up with another member. We unravelled our banner at Hyde park and then bumped into Darlington FoE who had travelled down by train with 10 members and it was great to see them.

Lots of different groups were there from the Co-op and trade unions, to WWF, greenpeace, Quakers and other faith groups. The march was extremely good natured with families with young children attending and absolutely no trouble - I think the police had some easy over time!

We missed the Archbishop of Caterbury giving his address, and the speeches at speakers corner, we went straight to Hannover?? Square where the march was assembling.

There were some amazing costumes with everyone wearing blue to make a Wave that encirled Parliament. About 40,000 people attended. The event really brought us together as a group.

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